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Small Scale Gardening
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Whether you desire a flower garden, vegetable garden, or combination of both, if you have a small backyard you may think having a garden is out of the question. With the proper design and pointers however, gardening on a small scale is not only achievable but very enjoyable. To maximize your garden area in a small space, a well thought out layout and plan is essential. Keep these elements in mind when planning your small scale garden:

Small Space Garden Design

• A larger garden will usually have different sections for various plants and vegetables. It may include meandering paths and walkways dividing each. For a small scale garden you will need to combine all elements of your garden together. Mixing annuals and perennials, vegetables and herbs is one space is necessary.

• While you will be mixing all these elements, keep in mind that you probably will not have room to grow every single variety you may wish to. Choose among your favorites and rotate other varieties in and out every season.

• When planning a flower garden you will want to somewhat inhibit the color scheme. Having every single color in a small scale garden will make the garden appear even smaller, particularly vibrant choices such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Choosing from the cool color palette such as blues, whites, violets, pinks and other soft hues will make a small scale garden appear larger than it is.

• Since your plants will be limited, ensure you are only planting the best and healthiest. If a plant is dying you will want to replace it with a new one immediately so as not to detract from the entire garden.

• When designing your small scale garden look at it as a whole, not individual plants. It will be easier to keep it cohesive.

• A border around your small scale garden will make it look more appealing and put together. You can use a flowering border, boxwoods, stones, or small evergreens. Depending on the size a short picket fence may also be used. Your border will set the tone for the garden itself, be it formal or country.

• Take account of the position of your small scale garden. How much sun does it get? How much shade? What are the soil conditions? You will want to choose plants that adept best to these conditions so they will be sure to thrive.

Your small scale garden is for pleasure and enjoyment. For that reason it should reflect you and your personality. Only choose varieties of plants, flowers, and vegetables that you truly enjoy. Your nursery or garden center is a great starting place to ensure you choose all of your favorites for your small scale garden.

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