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Pond Planning
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The soft sound of water bubbling in a pond or water trickling in a stream has a relaxing and calming effect. Adding a pond can make your landscaping spectacular and allow it to stand out in the neighborhood.
Growing Pond Popularity

Ponds have been becoming phenomenally more popular among home owners in the past couple of years. With more stress being placed on enjoying the backyard and enhancing its value people are improving their property with waterscapes such as garden ponds, waterfalls, streams and other water features. Much enjoyment can be felt from looking at an aesthetically pleasing pond and listening to its soothing sounds. Set off your backyard landscaping with a pond and start enjoying the benefits that other homeowners are savoring.

Plan your Pond
The first step in having a pond added to your property is planning. Consider the most appropriate location, size, shape and materials for your garden pond. Decide on whether you will have a concrete pond or use a rubber liner pond. Think about the kind, size and quality of pond filter that you will need. A professional landscape architect can help you with these considerations and with pond design plans. Still, you should do your own homework first and know more about what you'd like to have when your pond is installed. Looking at pond design plans can help you to get a better idea of what you want and what pond options are available.
New Advancements in Pond Building

New technology has made constructing and maintaining a pond much easier than ever. Because new technology has made ponds easier and faster to build they have become more affordable. The lower maintenance also makes it possible for more people to own their own pond. Even with new advancements ponds can still look totally natural.

Why not create a backyard oasis with a pond focal point for entertaining and relaxing with the whole family.

Koi Ponds

Ponds make beautiful water features for a backyard or front yard, especially when they are filled with colorful fish. Koi ponds are ornamental fish. They originated in Eastern Asia and were made popular by the Japanese. The word Koi actually means "carp" in Japanese.

A successful Koi ponds needs to be properly planned and built. One important consideration with these ponds is to protect the Koi from predators such as raccoons, herons, kingfishers, foxes, badgers and cats.

Pond construction plays a key role in keeping Koi safe. Water depth should be at least two feet deep at its most shallow point with steep sides to defend against attacks. A well design Koi pond will also have sufficient shade and a good quality filter that will serve as a biological filter and a mechanical filter.
Pond Building Contractors
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